Thursday, 18 June 2009

Peas v beans

Until now, I have never had to ask myself this most taxing of questions: which are better - peas or beans? Myself, I love broad beans. They are one of my favourite vegetables, and really do taste so much better when you grow them yourself. Peas, on the other hand, have a reputation as being a bit trickier to grow - if the mice don't get the seeds when you first plant them, the pea weevil gets them when they are all podded up and ready to go.
What's more, I have always had a sneaking suspicion that frozen peas are so good that it would be hard to match them.
Last year we tried growing them, and I am not sure it was really worth it. The crop was so small that we ate most of the peas raw from the pod (which is no bad thing: they were delicious).
This year we finally grew enough, and even remembered to put some pea sticks in so that they did not all fall over. What were they like? They were brilliant. Sweet, succulent, like little green smarties when raw, and just as good when cooked. Not, perhaps, such a plentiful crop as with the broad beans, but on the other hand they don't get blackfly, which makes them OK in my book.
Which are better? Well, they are a lot easier to pod than broad beans, which puts them edging ahead, but it is a close-run thing and I don't think I am ready to make the final decision quite yet...

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