Thursday, 17 January 2008

Hello and welcome from Plot 8

Like most allotment holders, I love looking at other people's plots. When I can't get to look at other allotments, I like looking at fellow plot-holders' blogs. What are they growing? What do their plots look like? Are they suffering from the same problems as me? And what are they doing about them?
After spending rather too much of the past couple of years gawping at other people's efforts, I thought: why not have a go myself? After all, isn't that the whole point of this blogging lark - anyone can do it? So, welcome to my blog. And indeed, welcome to my plot. I share it with my wife Eliza, children Kitty and Orlando, and rather more slugs, pigeons, flea beetles, foxes, snails, greenfly, blackfly and whitefly than I care to mention. There are also a couple of cats which make the occasional appearance, and some mice (last spotted when I was digging up my potatoes last year: there were three babies, so small they were still blind, so I guess I can say I really have seen Three Blind Mice), although the former have never actually been spotted giving chase to the latter. Perhaps they do it when I'm not around.
Where am I? The plot is part of the Acton Gardening Association, in west London. The Association has several sites: ours is called Bromyard, on Bromyard Avenue - just off the Uxbridge Road. It is a tiny site, just 15 plots: number 8 is slap bang in the middle. Our nearest neighbour is the Virgin Active health club - basically we are surrounded by its car park. It is all very salubrious.
The greatest joy of reading people's allotment blogs is looking at the photos. So here, by way of hello, is a picture of me with a pumpkin I grew last year. It made an excellent Halloween lantern.

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